Dreams about gods

- If in our dream we see an ALTAR with many gods in the means that we have the help of many good men.

- Dreaming with ATHENA, it may mean that we will acquire new knowledge that will be useful.

- Dreaming of BAST, it means that soon we will have special protection: It can also mean:
• If a man dreams of Bast, it means he will be lucky in love.
• If a woman dreams of Bast, means fertility and fecundity.

Here we see a representation of the goddess Bast.

- Dreaming of ODIN, it means that we found important knowledge.

- Dream a BOOK THAT TALKS ABOUT ODIN, tells us that we have acquired new knowledge, but it is important to discuss them more like how to apply, so no mistakes.

- If you dream of SETH, the god of confusion, it means that we will go through a period of doubt and confusion.

- To dream of the goddess VENUS will predict we love happy if in a good mood, but if we see angry, it means an unhappy love, or even revenge.

- Dreaming XOCHIQUETZAL (goddess of beauty and love) or see in our dreams of a beautiful woman, it means that Xochiquetzal visited us in dreams to tell us that we will be lucky in love.


- If is in good condition is a good omen, presage our marriage or of someone they know.
- If you see crumbling or in a crucifix, is a bad omen.

- We are advised that the problems we have finished soon, we should also pay attention to your speech, because if they show annoying, we are saying we're doing something wrong, and if they show happy, we say that all is well.
- View our dream to an angel carrying a sword, tells us that we are protected from evil and that our problems will end soon.

- Dreaming with God in all its manifestations or True representations as: Brahma, the Sacred Tree, Sacred Mountain, Virgin of Guadalupe (Tonantzin Teteoinan )..... Means that we have too much security in ourselves or a great peace of mind.

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Dream of a prophet or prophetess, it means that our problems will soon end. But if the Prophet or prophetess is sad or angry, it means that something is not right, we must examine well our actions.

Dream of a temple tells us that our projects will be carried out, and luck will be greater, if the temple is new.
- If we are in a temple without paying attention to what is said there, tells us that we must change our ability to see our projects made good, that is, we must put more effort into our projects.
- View a temple on top of a mountain predicts that good things come to count on divine assistance.

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