A friend means we'll have a little help, or soon will end our problems and anxieties, but if in our waking life we are not going through any of those things (and this is a friend you know), then the meaning depends on how to dress our friend, so that if he(she) dress better than how normally, means we have a good friendship with him, if instead looks dirty and unkempt, means that our friendship is in danger of being lost, on the other hand if we see the dream as it is, indicates that we will soon know it.
Sometimes the meaning of the dream is related precisely with that friend, but sometimes can refer to someone who has something in common with that friend or with someone who sometimes acts like that friend.

- Dream Police ARREST A FRIEND, means that we are not happy.

- If in our dream we see the BROTHER of a friend, is a reflection of ourselves, and what happens to him, applies to us. In this case it is advisable to seek the meaning of the things we see in the dream, and the things that happen to him, to hear the message of the dream.

- If in the dream we are traveling in a CAR WITH A FRIEND we have not seen in a while, means that soon we will see.

- If in the dream we see a friend of CHILDHOOD (either as it was then or as an adult), whom we have not seen since, it means something to remember of that time such as an experience or something happened to us then, as we can be helpful at this time.

- If in our dream we see the ENEMY OF A FRIEND, relates to our enemies, as it has the same meaning as "Enemy".
But if our dream we see the ENEMY OF AN ENEMY, then, means the same as: "Friend".

- FIND AN OLD FRIEND we had not seen in a while, we said that we will soon find the keys to ending a difficult problem.

- Dreaming of someone who in the past was our friend (a FORMER FRIEND ), but it ceased because we get upset about something, or by a misunderstanding, tells us to remember what happened, because it could happen again with someone else.

- If in our dream we see the FRIEND FROM FOE, is related to our enemies, and as the case may also apply other meanings of enemy, as the dream of an enemy's friend has the same meaning as: "Enemy ".

- If in the dream we see the FRIEND OF A FRIEND means the end of a problem, and as the case may also apply other meanings of friend (as a friend of a friend has the same meaning as friend).

- If in the dream we see that something HAPPENS to our friend, we mean that the same thing can happen to us, so that if something good happens, no problem, but if something bad happens, then This is a warning, in the latter case the dream we are advised to be prepared and be careful to not be a bad thing to happen.

- If in the dream something HAPPENS TO A FRIEND AND TURN AWAY FROM HIM, means the following: 1. If something good happens, it tells us that we are not likely to happen, 2. If something bad happens, we say that we got rid of that bad happened to our friend.

- The HOUSE OF A FRIEND represent that friend, for example: If we dream that we are in the house of a friend and your girlfriend(boyfriend), try us out of the house, it means your girlfriend (boyfriend) is trying to distance our friend from us.

- If we dream that someone KILLS A FRIEND (whether it's someone who we know in our waking life, or to see someone who does not know in our waking life but in the dream is our friend) means it is very likely soon lose someone's help.

- If you dream that our friends LET US DOWN (not helped according to the hopes we had in them), means we have little support from our friends.

- If you dream that MOM OF A FRIEND IS OUR TEACHER, tells us that we will have some help to solve a difficult problem, but we must also do our part (pay more attention, strive more, study the situation better, do our homework, etc.).

- To dream that our friends are MOVING AWAY FROM US, it means that there is a danger that we lose one or several of our friends.

- Dreaming we are at school and NO ONE WANTS TO BE OUR FRIEND means that some people are not willing to help.

- To dream that we have a friend Who does NOT KNOW IN OUR WLKING LIFE, means that it is an angel who visits us in dreams, to give us an important message, which is related to the meaning of the other things we see in sleep, or if you speak to him (her) and during the conversation gives advice that is directly related to our current situation, it is advice that we should consider.

- If we dream someone who in our waking life is our friend, but it happens in the dream, that he is NO LONGER OUR FRIEND, meaning that your friendship may be hurting us a bit.

- If you dream you are in school and someone who was our friend not want to be, plus he wears a SHIRT OF A SECT represents someone who is not willing to help for the reason that we do not share their beliefs.

- If you dream of a friend WHO LEFT THIS WORLD:

    • If a normal dream, and dream friend late, we must pay attention to your expression, you are angry is because we feel guilty about something related to that person, if not annoying means that we have overcome his departure.

    • If this a special or prophetic dream, then it is that person who visits us in our dream to give us an important message that we must consider.


Such dreams usually relate precisely with our enemies or adversaries. And the dream that we have an enemy (Whom we unknown in our waking life) or dream of one of our enemies if we know who has the same meaning, with the only difference that in the case of a known enemy, the dream directly related to him.
- If in our dream an enemy or the minister of a sect, we give ADVICE, it means the opposite, for example: If we are advised to do things (As if we were not doing well) means the post, this is, we says we're good and we're doing things right.
- To dream that one of our enemies we are ASKED TO MAKE PEACE, it means the opposite, ie, that our enemies have no intention of making peace, or reach any agreement.
- If in our dream we see one of our enemies and is also present a BABY, means that our enemies are behaving immaturely.
- Dreaming about a COP tries to stop or capture one of our enemies and to do so he(she) kisses him, means that our enemy is in danger of being betrayed by his own accomplices.

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Imaginary friend:
To dream that we have an imaginary friend means that we would like to have more friends or that it is hard for us to interact with others.
- If a child dreams that he is walking with an imaginary friend and suddenly he/she is called crazy, but then the dreamer hits him and leaves , it means that it is difficult for him to make friends but it is because of his bad attitude, so that the dream advises him to be kinder to others.

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