This dream represents prosperity, memory, strength and longevity.

- If in our dream we are riding an elephant, it means that we will succeed, with the help of influential people.

- If in real life we are sick, it means that soon we will heal and it will have a long life.

- If we see our son riding an elephant means that with a little help achieve go far in their education and be a good person.

- If you see an elephant in our house means that we have strength and intelligence.

- If in the dream we see a bearded old man preparing to bathe an elephant, but the dream comes to the moment he begins to bathe, it means that for strength and prosperity is something we need to correct, or that we should strive to be clean and consistent in what we do.


- If in our dream we see an animal, meaning, the animal will see.
- An animal skin hanging on the wall of a room, means we want to have a better social position and get rid of something that causes us stress.

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