Bread, like all the things we see in our dreams, has both positive meanings and negative meanings, depending on how we see it, for example, when we dream of old bread it is related to economic difficulties. But when we dream that bread is brewing, then it means that we have confidence in ourselves that will bring us good luck.

-- If we dream that we put a talisman or an AMULET IN A FRESHLY BREAD means that we have confidence in ourselves, plus we enjoy special protection and if the talisman or amulet is engraved the image of a good means We must trust that Being, who is close to us.

-- Dreaming of a BAG WITH BREAD (Of those that are paper and are used precisely for bread), means that we have the situation controlled and everything will be fine, especially if the bread is freshly made. But if we take the bread out of the bag and throw it away, it means that our unconscious way of acting can cause us to lose control of the situation and everything goes wrong.

-- If we dream that is being developed or BAKING BREAD, it means that we have confidence in ourselves, unless the loaf comes out wrong, in this case means that we lack confidence in ourselves and in our abilities.

-- To dream about a BIT AND HARD BREAD, means economic difficulties because of our carelessness.

-- If we dream to buy a loaf of CORN, it means that we have a good recipe for success.

-- Dreaming of a DEAD BREAD, means that we are on the right track or that we are doing things well, which gives us good fortune.

-- If we dream of a FILLED bread, its meaning will depend on the flavor of the filling, for example, if it is strawberry, it means good luck in love, if it is cheese, it means good luck in the economic, if it is chocolate, it means happiness and good fortune in the family, if it is vanilla it means: to signify the welcome of a new project that has a good chance of success...

-- If in our dream we see a GLAZED DONUT, it means that we feel lost; and we keep trying to find ourselves and our purpose in life.
It can also mean that we are doing well sentimentally, depending on the meaning of the other things we see in the dream or our current situation.

-- If ever we were poor or have spent days of need and in our dream we are LOOKING FOR BREAD, means that we are afraid to see us in misery. But if we have never had a major economic necessity means that are afraid of something related to the moral or with the psychic.

-- If we dream of OLD bread, mean difficulty for money. At least it is old churros-bread, because then, it means poverty because of our lack of foresight; that advises us to be prudent, be prepared for anything that may arise, plan a better strategy and analyze better the situation.

    - If in our dream we see TWO HARD BREADS (OLD) IN THE CUPBOARD, it means that to avoid economic difficulties, we must save and prepare to defend our interests.

    - If we dream that we are about to eat an old bread, but someone tells us not to do it and THROW IT TO THE GARBAGE, it means that our guardian angel has saved us from money difficulties, but even so we should be more cautious in the future.

-- If the most notorious thing in our dream is a BREAD IN PARTICULAR, it means the following:

    - A BISCUIT, in good condition and especially if it is freshly made, means that everything is going well, unless it is hard or old, since it means economic difficulties.

    - A CROISSANT augurs infidelities and if this old, it means infidelities and economic difficulties.

    - A MUFFIN in good condition, and especially if it is well prepared, means good luck in the economic and if it is chocolate, it means that in addition to good luck in the economic, we will have happiness in the family. At least that this hard or old, since then, it means the opposite.

    - A PIE: If it's strawberry pie, it portends good luck in love, and if it's of cheese, then it means good luck in the economic.

    - A SHELL BREAD in good condition and especially if it is newly elaborated, means good fortune in the economic and in love.


- If we dream that we arrived with a baker and we asked for a chocolate bread, but he tells us that they finished chocolate and there are only croissants, it means that the happiness in our family could be reduced or terminated because of infidelities.

- If in our dream we see a bakery full of good fats and breads conditions, means wealth and success. But if we see empty or nearly empty, it means the opposite.

If a man dreams of a bread basket with glazed donuts and glazed croissants, it means that he has several options in love, but it is important that he choose well, since there are girls who suit him and others who do not, for the reason that they are people unfaithful and/or unreliable.

- To dream of an expert cook, it means that we will have an increase in our assets plus good health, it may also mean that we have the capacity and ability to choose the way we want in life, because we have learned from our experiences, which gives us the ability to be able to execute a good destination.

This sign augurs economic deprivation and constraints.
- To dream about a BAG WITH COOKIES, means that although we seem to have the situation under control, there is a risk of economic loss.
- Dreaming a BOX OF COOKIES, it's a bad sign that augurs money difficulties, mainly because of bad feelings all around us. This dream advises us to get an amulet, such as a keychain in the shape of a sword, two swords or place in an "X" in our living room or bedroom, which will help us to fight evil and out money difficulties.

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