It means that something is wrong in our affairs, which advises us to analyze the situation well.

- If in the dream we see our MOTHER worried, it means that something is not right, so we must analyze things well. It may also mean that we are doing something that is not quite right.

- If we dream that we are concerned because we have to go as a PARTY, it means that something is not right; It may also mean that we are concerned about an issue and that something is not right. But if we go to the party, then it means that everything will be fine or that we get rid of a difficulty.

- If we dream that we want return to SCHOOL because we canít finish high school or college and we are concerned about it, but ultimately remember that if we finish it, it means we are doing need to believe more in ourselves, that is, we must not forget that in addition to high school or college, it is very important to act safely.

- If in the dream we see a friend or relative who has already left this world, and we get worried and wearing a blouse(shirt) with very short SLEEVES, means that she(he) is concerned that if we do well things, we soon get to see in money difficulties.

- If a man dreams that his WIFE goes out and he worries that canít find her, it means that he is concerned that something is not working well in your relationship.

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