If our dream is unpleasant, means corruption, dirt, degradation, or weakness.
But if the dream is not unpleasant and is about a caterpillar symbolizes the transition from a state or elevation lower to higher.

Here we see a caterpillar-worm.

- To dream that we have an insect or a WORM IN A AMPOULE, means that there is someone who is looking for the way to take advantage of our work and our effort.

- If we see a caterpillar BECOMING A BUTTERFLY always portends satisfaction, prosperity, positive changes, and elevation.

- If we dream of a barbed worm on our BED, it represents a delicate matter that threatens to cause us problems and suffering, unless we manage to handle the situation well, and it is related to the affairs of love and couple.

- To dream that our stomachs come out BLACK WORMS, means that someone has been taking advantage of us and that makes us very angry.

- If we dream that a worm or a leech sucks the BLOOD represents someone who is taking advantage of us or is exploiting us in some way.

- If we dream to pick up a BLUE CATERPILLAR, means we will soon achieve a higher state of consciousness (new knowledge and greater perception).

- If we dream that there are transparent worms or larvae, from the CARPET, means that to get money, it is important that we be discreet, otherwise we could put ourselves in danger.

- If the worm appears in a CORRUPTION THING, indicate hidden corruption.

- If in the dream we see worms CRAWLING OF OUR BODIES or coming out of our bodies, it means that someone is taking advantage of us and our concerns.
But if dreamed a white worm, leaves our body, then there is a business, we must manage it wisely.

Show all meanings to dream about White worms.

- If in the dream we see someone whom we know with a wound on the cheeks of which GET OUT WORMS AND TOO SEE A DEAD DOG, means that we have lost their friendship for the reason that that person is hurt because he thinks that we have only taken advantage of it.

- If we dream that we have a worm buried in the plant of the FOOT, it means that we are about to get sick or someone wants to take advantage of us. But if we remove it, it means that we will get rid of the problem without difficulty.

- To dream that we put a worm in the skin of our HAND represents a person who is taking advantage of us and also is taking away time, so that we do not let us do our jobs duly.

- If we dream that a white worm falls in the MOUTH, it means that there are things that it is better to keep quiet, but if we spit in the dream, it means that we are most likely to avoid the problem .

- If we dream that we get small worms from the NAILS, represents worries about a delicate matter.

- If the worms, TORMENT US, a danger of being exploited or harmed by persons of dubious reputation. But if I dream of white worms coming out of our body, then there is an issue that we must treat with caution.


This type of insects are associated with the dark side.
- If you dream about a centipedes, warns of a possible danger, and is a warning not to be careless or reckless.

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