- If we dream in a WOODEN HOUSE, and the wood is in good condition, it means we will have good luck.

- If we dream WOOD IN GOOD CONDITION, means we have good luck.

- If in our dream we see WOOD IN BAD CONDITIONS, means bad luck.

- If we dream that CLIMBED A WOODEN STAIR, means that we will succeed and good luck.

- If we dream that we WENT DOWN A WOODEN STAIR, it means bad luck, and if timber for wear, tells us that there will also be people who try to slander.

- If in our dream we see a MONSTER WOOD or as if made a wood, he says that someone is trying to harm us or to hurt someone close by witchcraft (more specifically, through some African-American rite).

- To dream of FINE WOODS, it means good fortune and money luck.

- STRINGS ATTACHED Dreaming, which are carried on the shoulders, we work foreshadows difficult and poorly paid.

- If we dream of WOOD IN FORM OF STICKS PILED next to a house or inside, we forecast economic hardship or illness.


- View plank in our dreams, it means that we will have good fortune in our projects, and if the wood plank is fine, says that good fortune will be even greater.
- Dreaming of a white candle unlit one on the plank, tells us that for were to have prosperity and good fortune in our projects, we do more, but if we see the candle burning, or lighting, it means soon achieve good fortune and prosperity in our projects.

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