If in our dream JUST SEE A WOLF, this is a warning, telling us to be careful with some of our dishonest-friends or of our adversaries who act unfairly and treacherous manner.

- Dreaming of a BAD WOLF THAT BECOMES GOOD told that someone close to us, in the past was disloyal and treacherous, but seems to have changed their way of being, the dream advises us not rely too.

- If we dream that a wolf BITES us, represents a dishonest person who is planning to betray or hurt us in any way.

- To dream of a BLACK WOLF, announces betrayal, malice, lust, and or misfortunes. This dream advises us to beware of untrustworthy people.

- To dream that a wolf DEVOURS US means that there is a serious danger to us, because of a close person, who is a hypocritical and treacherous.

- If a woman dreams that a wolf DEVOURING ONE OF HER BROTHERS and then she chases to eat her, it means that there is a person who tries to take advantage of her and also advised to take into account their previous experiences.

- Dreaming of an EVIL WOLF, says it is important to beware someone close that can act treacherous and disloyal.

- To dream that a wolf LICK US, represents an unreliable person.

- If in our dream we see the SHADOW OF A WOLF, represent a little honest friendship or an enemy, who tried to hurt betrayal.

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