By its circular shape it symbolizes that is perfect, it can also represent security and protection.
By its movement it is the symbol of the Divine order, since everything revolves around a center.

- To dream that we are in a vehicle from which a wheel is BROKEN OR DETACHED means that bad luck awaits us that we did not expect.

- If we FALL UNDER THE WHEELS of a vehicle it represents a fatal fate.

- If SCREECH predicts obstacles and impediments but those will not prevent us from achieving our objectives.

- If in our dream we only see the wheels of a TRAIN spinning, it tells us that we are being very hardworking and hard working, which will bring us good luck.

- If the wheel TURNS SMOOTHLY AND SILENTLY, it augurs us the success and the good evolution of things.


- If we dream we're in a vehicle and BREAKS A TIRE, augurs many ills.
- If HEAR THE CHIRP OF A TIRE, means there will be obstacles but that will not prevent us to achieve our purposes.
- If in our dream we are aboard a car and suddenly we see that some MISCREANTS trying to remove the tire or rim covers, means that we have enemies who seek to harm us. But if in the dream, the miscreants manage to leave the rim covers, or the tires, says it is likely that someone rob us something and also these people cause us harm in several ways.
- If we dream of a STAINED MUD tire, means that soon we will face difficult problems.
- If the tires TURN SLOW AND QUIET, means success and good fortune.

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