- If we dream that someone we know BLOCKS us from WhatsApp, Facebook... it means that there is a danger of discussions or disagreements with that person.

- If someone we know sends us a WhatsApp, but WE DO NOT WANT TO ANSWER IT, means that we are upset with that person. But if we dream that it is the other person who does not want to answer a WhatsApp, then it means that it is the other person who is annoying with us.

- If we dream that someone we like sends us a EMOJI smiley face or a heart for WhatsApp, it means that we also like it.

- If we dream that our girlfriend ASKS US FOR FORGIVENESS via WhatsApp, it means that we recently had a dislike to her, but she is already thinking of calling us.

- If we dream that we send a WhatsApp HALF ASLEEP, means that we have not noticed that there is someone who wants to tell us something, for example: Someone we like. But if we dream that we send a WhatsApp while we are completely asleep and when we wake up we try to see what we are writing, it means that we must be careful with the signals that we are sending to others, for example: That it is better not to be too kind to People who do not like us because they might think we're flirting with them.

- If the dream relates to our WhatsApp PROFILE PHOTO , it represents how we see ourselves or how we want to be. But if it is the profile picture of someone we know, then it means that it is the way we see that person, the way that person sees himself or the way that person would like see.

    • If we see one of our contacts WITHOUT PROFILE PHOTO, it means that person fears that we will criticize him.

- If we dream that we leave someone in SEEN BUT WITHOUT ANSWERING (As in wait or as if we thought to answer another day) means that person thinks we do not care at all.

- If we dream that we send a MESSAGE BY ERROR (That we wanted to send it to someone but by mistake we send it to another person), it represents misunderstandings or that we must be prudent to avoid misunderstandings.

- If a man sees the status of WhatsApp of a certain girl, and notices that she has a KITTEN FILTER, it means that she is trying to flirt with him in some way.

- If we dream that we are with our ex, but suddenly there are many WhatsApp messages from promising PROSPECTS (People interested in us), it means that we have the possibility of returning with our ex, but we should evaluate the situation, since we have other options, which they could be better.

- If we dream that someone sends us a WhatsApp or a text message with RARE SIGNS that do not make sense (Without common letters or money signs), like these: # * Σ ε % π # φ means that person is very angry with us.

- But if we dream that she(he) leave us in SEEN WITHOUT ANSWERING (Waiting), then, it means that we feel that person does not care about us

- If we dream that we message for WhatsApp with SOMEONE WE LIKE and there is nothing negative nor problems in communication, it means that we also like it.

- To dream that the person we like comments on our WhatsApp STATUS, means that she(he) is interested in what we feel or think, for example: If we are available. But if she(he) makes a negative comment, then, it means she(he) doesn't like us.

- If in the dream we TAKE A LONG TIME TO ANSWER to our girlfriend(boyfriend), it means that she(he) thinks we don't love her(him) enough.

- If someone dreams (Especially in the case of children and young people) that suddenly a stranger begins it THREAT for WhatsApp and although it blocks immediately, his messages reappears and he continues threatening him to answer him, it means that it is important that we do not accept any strangers as friends or contacts (Either in WhatsApp, Facebook or similar), as they could fall into the trap of a kidnapper, human trafficker, and so on.

- If we dream that someone UNLOCKS us from WhatsApp, it represents a probable reconciliation.

- If we dream that we see our cell phone and notice that in the WhatsApp icon a circle appears with a number (A number 2 or greater), that is, that we have VARIOUS MESSAGES OR ANSWERS it means more or less the opposite, that is, that we will continue without receiving a response from a certain person, at least for a while, for example: Because she(he) is angry or because she(he) is doubting as to whether or not to answer us.

- If we see that our EX GIRL FRIEND (BOYFRIEND) IS WRITTING and typing (On the screen says: "Writing"), but does not decide to send the message, it means that she(he) wants to return with us but she(he) is undecided.

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