The wet or wet to see something in our dream, usually related to problems and difficulties, at least it was wet fence, for example: That dry, and then tells us that there will be no difficulties or that if there is to be, will overcome easily.

- If someone throws us in our dream HOT WATER and we feel that we burn (we can also happen that we wake up at that time and until we channel anxiety, which warns us that this is an important message) tells us that there may soon be discussions that can lead to divorce or the departure of someone close to us, what we recommend to be careful and avoid arguments.

- To dream that someone WET US, WITH DIRTY WATER means approaching ills and problems of moral, and if we recognize who we get wet, means that these evils and problems will be caused by that person, which advises us to take precautions.

- If we dream to travel in a vehicle and the ASPHALT IS WET so the vehicle skid, causing an accident, means that we have entered dangerous territory that can lead us to a disaster. It advises caution, and to move forward, take every precaution we can.

- Dreaming Wet BILLS, it means disappointments and concerns about money.

- If someone throws water in the MOUTH, means that we must change proficiency or be careful what we say (Since getting wet, it means that we must purify or clean up what is wrong).

- If in our dream we see someone we know with wet MAIR, tells us that person's ideas are not entirely correct.

- If someone in our dream someone WET THE SHIRT, means trouble ahead, but if we take off the wet shirt, means no problems.

- If in the dream we see a WET BOOK, tells us that we have found a new knowledge, but in reality it is something wrong, we can also bring difficulties and disappointments. This dream encouraged us to revisit the issue or re-do the experiment (as appropriate), to find the real knowledge.

- If in our dream we see a WET BELT tells us that if we do not handle well the situation we encounter difficulties.

- If in our dream we GET WET, it means difficulties and disappointments.

- If the dream we see the edge of WC: wet, says that approach and difficulties related to a delicate matter. What we advise caution.

- If you dream that we wet our MEMORY CARD, it means something to keep in it is not entirely correct, and if we keep it a job, then, tells us that we should correct, since it is not entirely correct.

- To dream that we wet our USB MEMORY, means the same as above.

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