- If the well is BAD BUILT, sealed, the water dries, the rope breaks or the bucket is bored, it means hypocrisy, evil and misery.

- If in the dream we see a BILL (paper money) in a well, it means that we must plan the future and our expenses very well, so as not to fall into a difficult situation.

- If in the dream we see an open well with BLACK WATER/DIRTY WATER and we also notice that it is night, it means that there is a danger that we will fall into the tricks of hypocritical and dishonest people.

- To dream that we throw a COIN into a well, it means that it is very likely that a wish will be fulfilled soon, but if we throw the coin and it is heard that the well is empty, then it means that it will be very difficult for a certain wish to be fulfilled.

- When the well is CORRECTLY BUILT, open and full of water it becomes a symbol of sincerity, goodness, righteousness and happiness.

- If in our dream we FALL in the well it is one of the worst omens, unless someone takes us out of it. What amounts to despair or neurosis, so the dream advises us to seek spiritual help.

- Seeing a well in a LANDSCAPE, predicts hope to end our difficulties.

- To dream that we are WITHIN A SQUARE WELL (With four walls) and in it we see a staircase that leads outwards, it means that we feel desperate, but soon we will be able to find the exit and the stability.

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