To dream that we train or receive weight training, it means that we must prepare ourselves for an important event. But if in the dream we see ourselves as bodybuilders, that is, we see ourselves with big muscles, it means that we should not abuse others

- If we dream that we carry a weight of A LOT OF WEIGHT and even though we manage to lift it we hurt ourselves, it means that we must avoid excesses, for example: Avoid drinking too much (Alcoholic beverages).

- If in our dream we see a BAR WITHOUT ITS DISCS or weights, it means that we need to exercise more to avoid losing the attractiveness and being healthy.

  • If in our daytime life we do weights, and we dream that we are doing an exercise with the bar, but suddenly someone with blonde hair arrives and PUSHES us with the weight, so that it falls on us, it means that we should not trust the trainer, nor on our friends, since otherwise we could suffer an accident, so it is best to make sure before exercising that the device is in good condition; avoid overreaching; etc.

- If in our dream we see a tractor-truck, loaded, but we notice that its RIMS ARE LIKE THE DISCS of the Weights, means that continuing to study and preparing can bring us prosperity and good luck in money.

- If in our dream we TRY TO RESIST THE TRAINING, it is a council that tells us that we should look for the way to better manage ourselves, for example, better organize our work and duties, so we can do better things.


Weights (From a weighing scales):
It means that our help will be necessary to clarify a confusing issue.

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