• If we are single, it means positive changes in our lives.

    • If we are married: Marital troubles, and the same means, if we are getting married with our wife.

-- If only we see a BRIDE, means that soon we will find someone to marry and have luck in economics.

-- If we dream that we GOT STOOD UP AT CHURCH ON OUR WEDDING DAY, it means fear of rejection, this dream advises us have more confidence in the opposite sex.

-- If in the dream we see that a FRIEND (Whom we do not know in our waking life), ARRIVES IN A CAR TO INVITE US TO A WEDDING, it means that a friend has died and the car give us a clue who it is, so that if a late model car, it means that this is a young person; if it is an older model, means that it was an older person; if a car in poor condition, is because it was a poor person; if we see that its bodywork is covered with skin, meaning it was a wealthy person, and so on.

-- To dream that we attend a wedding as guests, and suddenly someone of the opposite sex GIVES US A COMMITMENT RING, it means that our girlfriend(boyfriend) or someone who likes us, would like to kill her/his ex-husband ) to ask us to marry her(he) (For example: Because she/he has many complications to be able to separate definitely from her/his ex).

-- To dream that INVITE US TO A WEDDING, it means that a friend has died, you can also treats of the death of a friend we have not seen in a long time.
And so it mean, if we dream that we are invited or attended the wedding of a relative.

-- If a woman dreams that she is at a wedding to which she WAS NOT INVITED, it means that there was a danger that a friend/relative died that she had not seen for a long time, but it was not yet his/her turn.
But if a woman dreams that she is at a wedding to she was not invited and where she looks worried because she does not want to overshadow the bride, especially if someone takes pictures, it means she was in danger of dying but it was not yet her turn .

-- To dream that someone invites us to a wedding, but in the end THE BRIDE DOES NOT MARRY, it means that someone we know was in danger of death, but fortunately he was saved.

-- If we dream that we are helping in the PREPARATION of our brother's wedding (Without the dream coming until the time of the wedding), it means that things are going well with our partner or girlfriend/boyfriend, but if there is something negative in the dream, then, means that things are not going well with our partner or girlfriend/boyfriend

-- If you dream that we TRY IT A WEDDING DRESS, means that a relative or friend died recently, sometimes it's someone we have not seen in a long time.

-- To dream that we TRY IT A BRIDE-DRESS MADE OF WHITE PAPER, means that some time ago a family member or friend left of this world, but we should not worry because it is in Heaven. This dream is a message from that friend or family member, who tells us that he(she) is already good in Heaven.

-- If we dream that we are at a wedding as guests, but then we realize that it is actually the wedding of some VAMPIRES, it means that a family member/friend recently died because of someone who wishes to make an economic benefit from it (Whether he has killed him, made it look like an accident or made it through witchcraft).
But if we dream that we are at the wedding of some vampires we were not invited to, then, it means that someone tried to kill us (Us or a family member) in order to be able to collect an inheritance or obtain some economic benefit, but He did not succeed.

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