- If a child dreams that he talks on the phone and he gets an ADULT VOICE, it means that he wishes that others do not ignore his opinion.

- If we dream that we are talking a FOREIGN LANGUAGE is a tip that tells us to expand our knowledge about a languages.

- If we LISTEN TO A YOUNG MAN, SAYING THAT HE HAS A FRACTURED ARM, means that one of our enemies suffer difficulties and sorrows.
But if the voice is of someone known, the meaning applies to that person.

- If we dream about someone tells us something and to wake up we heard a VOICE IN OUR MIND, as if we speak by telepathy: We must pay attention to what he says because it may be an important message that relates to what we hear (the message is literal). But if we have a nightmare and woke up when we hear voices in our mind, it is a pesky spirit to bothering us

- If we hear a PHRASE, we see the meaning of the words in the phrase.

- Dreaming with the voice of SOMEONE WHO ALREADY LEFT THIS WORLD, it means that we still love that person or we miss that person, and if the voice is ghostly, it means that he(she) misses us.

- If we follow the instructions to see SOMEONE ALREADY DEPARTED THIS WORLD in our dreams (see: Types of Dreams), and dream voices, means:

  • If we hear that she/he tells us, who loves us, is that someone who visits us in our dream to tell us that she/he loves us.
  • If during the morning we dream that our beloved Being speaks, means that she/he is telling us something that we wanted to know.

- If in the dream we hear the voice of one of our SON, BUT WITH YOUR CHILD'S VOICE (From like as a child), means that he/she needs our help, for example: In our support and our advice.

- Dreaming SWEET VOICE OF SOMEONE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX, augurs lucky in love.

- If this is a TIP, INSULT, OVERTURE, SAYING, then, we see: Tip, insult, overture, saying etc., as applicable.

- If in the dream HEAR VOICES WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING WHAT THEY SAY means fear of slander and defamation.

- If in our dream just HEAR A WORD, we must search the meaning of those words.

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