This sign in our dreams, usually related to oppression, however there are some exceptions, such as when it is a false dream, (generally true dreams are messages from angels, while a false dream is a simple product of the subconscious, as when we see horror movies and then have nightmares) Where is merely a reflection of a repressed desire.

- BEING RAPED in our dream, it means that we are oppressed by others or for situations in our lives, which advises us not blame us for things that are beyond our control.

-If we dream that someone violates our DAUGHTER(son) means that someone is treating you badly, or that it will be done soon and can be: Other children, teacher, cousin, uncle, etc., which we are advised to watch for and talk to her (him) to see if you have a problem that we know.

- But if the violation comes to DEPRAVED ACTS, means that someone is holding back too. It may also mean that we have sexual needs that we have failed to satisfy.

- Being raped by an EVIL SPIRIT, means we are suffering because of the oppression of some people or groups, and this is being caused by the reason that there is too much evil around us.

- If a man dreams that some friends violate his GIRLFRIEND, it means your girlfriend feels oppressed by him, it can also be caused by a repressed desire (who has the desire to have sex with her).

- If a young woman dreams that someone like a person who likes, see her with LUST, and then tries to rape or rape means having sexual desires for that person who seems to her attacker.

- If in the dream, someone TIES YOU AND RAPES you, it means that someone is oppressing us and somehow hurting (and in most cases it is someone on whom we depend in some way) . This dream advises us not to continue allowing it.

- Being raped by a TRANSSEXUAL, means that we feel pinched or damaged in any way by a false and hypocritical person, (for example: When we are victims of gossip).

- Dreaming that WE VIOLATE OR ATTEPT TO RAPE SOMEONE, it means that someone feels oppressed by us.

- If JUST ABOUT AN ATTEMPTED RAPE, means the same as the above.

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