It symbolizes a great test that must be faced and from whose result we can emerge stronger.

- To dream that a tornado is approaching and that we try to protect our CATS, and in the end the tornado passes by without damaging our house, means that if we sharpen our senses (Listen and see the facts in more detail), we will be able to overcome a difficulty, or that thanks to the fact that we managed to realize certain things, we were able to overcome a difficult test.

- To dream that a tornado takes one of our CHILDREN, means that there is a danger of an accident, this dream advises us to take all the necessary precautions, especially if our son(s) were to go on a trip, and do not leave them in the care of untrustworthy people.

- If the EMOTIONS ARE NEGATIVE or the dream ends badly, it reflects the fear of events that we are unable to overcome and that can lead to loss of property, friendships and even an accident.

- If the dream is accompanied by POSITIVE EMOTIONS or ends well, it will be a test that we will overcome and from which we will emerge emotionally stronger.

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