- If in our dream JUST SEE A TOILET, tells us that we are releasing something that was bad for us, as there may be a feeling of repression, trauma, guilt, withdrawal, and so on. That will bring us well into our minds and our spirit.

- SEE BLOOD IN THE TOILET means that we're getting rid of guilt, which is good.

- To dream about, we BREAK A TOILET OR SEE A BROKEN TOILET, it means we are not getting rid of something bad, such as: Repression, bad fitness, a guilt complex, someone that is harmful to our family, etc.

- If in our dream we are DEFECATING OR SEE POOP IN THE TOILET, means good luck financially. Unless you go down to the lever and go poop because then it means bad luck financially.

- If we are with DIARRHEA means that we must avoid waste.

- If in our dream we see a toilet full of DIARRHEA AND A FLY drowned means that to avoid unnecessary waste, we need to correct something wrong.

- If we see poop in the toilet, but we feel or FEAR or have sadism signs, means that our personality is deteriorating.

- If we see a toilet, FULL OF DIARRHEA, BUT WILL WE LOWER THE LEVER and the diarrhea-poop go away, means that achieve avoid waste.

- If in the dream we see INSECTS OUT OF THE TOILET, it means we have failed to get rid of some problems that were caused by gossip or hearsay.

- To dream that we see or enter into a bathroom, and noticed to MISSING THE TOILET means that we have a sense of guilt that we have failed to get rid.

- If we dream that we PEE ON THE TOILET means we immediately get up from the bed to the toilet.

- If we see poop in the toilet, and we went down to the lever and the POOP GOES means bad luck financially.

- If in our dream we see a RAT OUT OF TOILET represents an enemy who returns to continue making life difficult, it can also be someone who we thought had ceased to make life difficult, but it really only took a rest or only calmed for a while, so we must be very cautious and be prepared for the worst.

- If we see SOAP OR FOAM IN THE TOILET, is important to we clarify any outstanding issues or otherwise we will have difficulties.

- If in our dream we see SOMETHING OUT OF TOILET also has a bad meaning, tells us that there is something wrong that is returning or attempting to return.

- If we see poop in the toilet and he went down to the lever, but instead of that excrement go away, gets STUCK means that despite the difficulties, or the recklessness that we have we committed, we continue to have good luck economically.

- Dream a STUCK TOILET AND FULL OF DIARRHEA poop it means that it is difficult to avoid waste, but if we uncover using a TOILET PLUNGER, means we will soon find a way to avoid waste.

- If in our dream we THROW SOMETHING TO TOILET or SEE THAT ONE THING GOES BY THE TOILET, means that we are missing something, in this case the meaning of the thing that is going down the toilet can give us more details of what we are losing .
But if we throw something that has a bad meaning, then, means that we have managed to get rid of that bad.

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