This sign represents the unpleasant.

- If in our dream we see a black toad with BRIGHT COLORS SPOTS, it represents an annoying and gossiping neighbor.

- If a woman dreams of a toad that tells her that he IS A BROTHER of someone she knows, she represents the person she knows, and it means that if she gave him a chance she would realize that he is better than what he seems. It can also mean that in a short time he will improve his appearance considerably (The symbol of the toad in this context is related to the tale of the toad who became a prince).

- If we dream that we put a toad in a CAGE, it represents our desire to keep an annoying neighbor under control.

- If in our dream we see a toad that CROAKS, it means danger of gossip and gossip.

- To dream that a toad tries to eat our HAIR, represents an unpleasant neighbor who tries to get ideas into our heads (He tries to make us believe a gossip), so we must be prudent.

- If we dream that there is a toad on the ROOF OF OUR HOUSE, it means that we will soon suffer because of a disease or concern.

- SEE A TOAD in our dream portends us an annoying neighborhood that we will have to endure.

- If in the dream we see a TOAD INSIDE A SHOE, it represents an annoying and unpleasant person, but in this case the message is related to love matters, for example: A friend / relative of our girlfriend (boyfriend) who it is very annoying and difficult to bear.

- If a woman dreams that a toad enters her VAGINA, she represents unpleasant sexual relations or that there is a risk that she could become infected with a venereal disease, so that her dream advises her to be careful.

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