- Want to take a taxi, but we realize that it is BUSY it means we can control our own destiny in spite of our recklessness.

- If we dream that we travel in a taxi, those who are in the small and quiet city, but on the avenue of a big city and which is not easy to drive (For example: For the traffic that usually have), added to we noticed that it is a COBBLED AVENUE, means we must not be complacent, especially when we go to a new situation or when we meet new people, since it does not in all cases is the same thing (this is a dream of context).

- Dreaming a FRIEND moves away from us in a taxi, means that this friend soon cease to be and where our efforts alibis were found, for example, that their parents what to change it to another school, and that this happens before we can reconcile with our friend.

- If only we SEE A TAXI indicates that we will receive a proposal that could mean a change in our life, but we are not yet decided to accept it.

- To dream that we TRAVEL IN A TAXI implies a change in our lives in which our efforts are alibis but can participate actively in our own destiny.

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