This sign usually has to do with family relationships. But sometimes it also has to do with our fortune, for example if we see fresh bread on the table or fresh tortillas, means we will have good fortune thanks to the confidence we have in ourselves; but if we dream that something was on the table falls to the floor, represents what we may lose and is related to the meaning of the thing to falls.

- If in the dream we see that on the table there TORTILLAS (THIN CORN) wrapped in a cloth napkin and then fall to the floor, tells us that if we keep doing what we know is wrong, we will soon have troubles and lost money.

- If the table is BREAKS OR IS DAMAGED, tells us that there is a danger that the union and harmony of our family harm.

- If in our dream we see that there is a CUP on the table and turns to fall sediment from ground beans with the coffee (On the table) was elaborated, means we have the ability to change things (Change the future), in this case we suggest to do, that we know can help us change things.

- If we dream of a RUDE DOG that goes up to the table to try to eat whatever is there, represents someone who wants to marry us, but also tells us that does not suit us at all.

- If we see a table EMPTY means that lack unity and communication in our family.

- If we dream that we see FIGURINE of Aphrodite or another goddess of love on the table, it means we will have good luck in love. And if we saw, for example the figure of a money god(goddess), then it would mean that we will have good money luck.

- Dreaming we HIDE UNDER THE TABLE, it means that we are afraid of what the others think about us or what can get to talk about of something we want to do.

- If we are single and we dream a KNIFE (From cooking or used to eat) DIRTY ON KITCHEN TABLE, means that we must think who marry, to avoid future disputes in marriage. It can also be a warning that tells us that if we get married, for example, so civil, the best, that will do it for separate property or taking steps to avoid future disputes.

- If is a ROUNDTABLE, means that our family is not hierarchical.

- A SQUARE or rectangular table means that our family is very hierarchical.

- If we see a table WELL SERVED, means we will have unity and harmony in our family.

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