A sword or saber represents the best tool to destroy evil and to overcome our adversaries, for example if we beat an enemy with it, it means success; and the same means if we destroy something that has a bad meaning to it.

- If the dream focuses on the BLADE OF THE SWORD and is two sides may mean that our arguments are convincing, provided that to the blade be shining, but the blade is in poor condition, warns us that we need to do more to know well how to transmit our arguments to others and thus more compelling our words.

- If in our dream we see a CLOSED DOOR, BUT then we opened it, breaking it with our sword, means we have the able to overcome any difficulties can occur.

- If we dream that we take a sword and we FIGHT AGAINST A DRAGON, represents the struggle against our own instincts; and if we win the fight means to achieve a higher spiritual level; if we loss means that we probably do not achieve; If no one wins, it means that the future is uncertain; and if we run and hide, it means that our insecurity is impede us from achieving a higher spiritual level.

- If we dream that we are FIGHTING WITH A SWORD and won the battle, it means success, but if we do not win, then it means the opposite.

- To dream about a sword in GOOD CONDITION, means that we will succeed soon, thanks to our value, it can also mean economic prosperity.

- If in the dream we see that THE SWORD HANDLE FORM A CROSS means that we must be more reflective about our beliefs and we must look the truth of things.

- If we dream of a SWORD IS HEAVY and so hard to take, warns us that we must not promise what we canít keep.

- If we dream that the HUSBAND(WIFE) of someone we know, chasing us with a sword, means to that person is jealous, because he(she) think that your couple deceive with us.

- If in our dream we see a MAN DRESS IN BLACK AND CARRYING A SWORD in your hand, means that we have a dangerous enemy; but if we see that man goes, means that we will win.

- See a SWORD WITH A SCALE, means that if we can we will, we get justice.

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