Note: The Sweet Sixteen party is the celebration that marks the transition from girl to woman, in some countries it is celebrated at age 15 and in others at 16.

- If a woman dreams of a SWEET SIXTEEN DRESS / DRESS OF FIFTEEN YEARS, it is because recently she saw a dress that she liked a lot, or that she misses her years of youth.

- If a child drams that SHE IS 15/16 YEARS OLD, it means that she wishes she could do the things that older girls do.

- If we dream that we are in a TEST of sweet 16/ fifteen years, it gives us information about our important matters, so if everything goes well in the essay, it means that everything is going well; but if something goes wrong in the essay, it means that something is not going well in our affairs.

- If a young woman who is about to turn 15/16 years old, dreams that a friend publishes on TWITTER or another social network, the invitation to her party of fifteen/sixteen years, means that among her goals/wishes is having a big party Fifteen years old/ Sweet Sixteen.

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