A Market, Mini-super, Supermarket, Hypermarket, Outdoors market... represent our external and material life, and the people we see there are those who are close to us in real life. If we buy something, it equals what we will get; Although if we make the attempt to buy something, but in the end we do not, it means that we will not be able to obtain that which means what we did not buy (Unless we change our attitude), for example: If we see that we are in a position or section, of pants and we buy one, it means that we have security and determination to achieve what we want, but if we only try, then it means the opposite, since the meaning of pants is related precisely to the security and determination to do things.

- The AISLES inside the supermarket symbolize the paths of our life.

- If we dream that A SUPERMARKET BURNS AND WE ARE IN IT, it means risk of losses, and if there are victims, the dream tells us that the risk is greater.

- IF WE SEE THAT A SUPERMARKET BURNS WITHOUT US BEING INSIDE IT, it means that our adversaries are losing the opportunity to defeat us.

- If we dream that we see a CATALOG, while we are inside a supermarket, then, it means that soon we will have to decide where we want to lead our life.

- Being or entering an EMPTY supermarket, means that there is a near danger, in addition to despair.

- SEEING A SUPERMARKET FROM FAR AWAY without details and without approaching, tells us that a time of material hardship is approaching.


- FEELING WEIRED can also reveal our shyness and withdrawal.

- NOT FINDING IN IT, THAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR and feeling overwhelmed by the crowd, means that it is not yet the right time to actively launch ourselves into life, before we must meditate and reflect.

- To dream that we OVERPAY, either by mistake or for any other reason, means that an acquaintance is abusing our trust.

- Its SHELVES OF SALE, AND PLACES OF COLLECTION, means that in this life we must pay a price for how much we have and possess.

-To dream that we leave something in the SECTION WHERE WE LEAVE SOMETHING while shopping, it means disloyalty and distrust.

- To dream that we are TAKEN OUT of the supermarket, means that there is someone who is trying to prevent us from achieving what we want.

- If we dream that we are in a supermarket next to the crackers shelf and suddenly an UNKNOWN PERSON TRIES TO TAKE A PHOTO OF US next to the crackers, it means that there is someone who will try to use any dirty tactic, even witchcraft, to cause us money problems. But if we dream that we manage to avoid having our photograph taken, then it means that we will be able to save ourselves from the dirty tactics of that person, easily.

- ENTERING WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING, means the need to find the most appropriate way to carry out our projects. Also entering without buying can mean a simple desire for promiscuity that usually appears when our lives lack human warmth or communication.

- To dream that we enter a supermarket and WE TAKE SOMETHING WITHOUT PAYING IT, means that it is important not to forget that in this life we must pay a price for how much we have and possess.

- To dream that we enter a supermarket and WE TAKE SOMETHING WITHOUT PAID, BUT THEN WE RETURN AND PAY IT, means that we are doing things well.

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