It means: Light, protection, life, and everything good, unless we see it darkened, then it will warn us of an approaching danger.

- If in our dream we see that the CLOUDS DO NOT LET US SEE THE SUN, it means that there is danger that our projects will not be carried out, unless in the same dream we see the clouds move away and let us see the sun, in that case it means that our projects will be realized.

- If in our dream we see EIGHT OR FIVE suns, it means that an important change in our life is approaching.

- If we dream of the sun when it begins to HIDE IN THE EVENING, it means that something is coming to an end.

- To dream of a RED sun, it means that difficulties are approaching in a matter or in a business.

- If we dream of the RISING sun, it means that something good starts, it also augurs prosperity and well-being.

- If in our dream someone tells us that he WILL NOT LET US SEE THE SUN, it means that we have few possibilities for the future (He tells us about a matter or business) because of someone who is blocking our way with his intrigues, gossip, gossip, witchcraft, etc., and that does not let us get ahead. This dream advises us not to get depressed and to make an extra effort, so that in that way we can achieve what we want.

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