In this case, the meaning depends on the color of the stripes.

- To dream that we get a BLACK SHIRT WITH GREY STRIPES, or gray with black stripes, means that we have bad feelings towards someone, and sometimes we feel depressed because we canít take enough revenge. This dream tells us that while it is important to defend our interests, we must not let hate dominate us.

- If a man dreams of a voluptuous woman wearing a swimsuit or bikini color BLACK WITH ORANGE STRIPES (Horizontal stripes), means that even your sex life this being too boring, he must be cautious about what he are thinking do, as it has many enemies and something can go wrong.

- If we dream that we changed the shirt for a shirt of horizontal stripes, color BLUE AND GREEN represents a positive change.

- To dream that we have DYE HAIR, but that we already see the dark stripe or the color of our hair, means that there is something that is being difficult for us to hide.

- If we dream that we are seeing a catalog, and we liked KNIVES WITH HANDLES COLOR: STRIPES BLACK ANDO ORANGE, tells us that although our situation is difficult, we must be cautious about what we are thinking to give someone, something can go wrong.

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