- If in the dream we see the legs of a woman and wearing a stockings (Nylon or silk) of BLACK color, means success in love, but at the same time tells us that something is not right.

- If the stockings have races or are BORED, warn us about possible deceptions or false promises.

- If the stockings are very DARK or black they symbolize temptation.

- If a man in his dream sees the leg of a lady wearing gray shoes and socks that DO NOT COMBINE or do not look good, it means that there is a woman who wants to be her suitor or girlfriend, but at the same time the dream Says it would be a depressing and boring courtship.

- If the stockings are of wool, cotton, thread or any synthetic material, but in GOOD CONDITION and look good they augur well-being, and prosperity.

- If they are very LIGHT COLORED symbolize friendship.

- If the stockings are of natural SILK the presage of wealth increases and can come from an inheritance or donation, rather than from benefits obtained by themselves.

- If a woman dreams that she TAKE OFF HER SOTCKING, it augurs a change of situation.

- To dream of a stockings WITHOUT LOOKING AT DETAILS, augurs a peaceful existence and reasonable happiness.

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