A short stem/trunk represents a lack of courage and decision to do things (For example: Seeing a tree with a very short trunk or plants with short stems).
But if we see plants with trunks or long stems, it means the opposite.

- If in the dream we see some red roses, but we notice that the flower is fine, but the stem is DRY, it means that if we want to have good luck in love we will have to make a little more effort.

-If a woman dreams that someone GIVE HER A ROSE WITH A LONG STEM, it means that she has a good prospect at the door, that is, it means that there is someone who likes her, who also suits her.

- If in our dream we carry a pink rose in hand, it means that we will have good luck with a new love, or with a love that begins. But if we notice that the stem of the rose is very SHORT, it means that to have good luck with a new love we must try a little more.

- To dream that we carry a THICK-STEM RED ORCHID in our hand, means that we are doing things well in love, or that we know well how to be attractive to the opposite sex.

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