- If in our dream we are ADMIRING a statue or a monument, it means that our wishes will be realized.

- If in our dream we see a very ANCIENT STATUE, representing a thing of the past we must analyze very well, to avoid making the same mistakes.

- Dreaming of a statue of an EAGLE means that we will see our wishes carried out.

- If we are EMBRACING a statue, it means that our desires are excessive.

- If in our dream we see a building with LION statues at the entrance tells us that our projects are well protected.

- To dream that we see a YOUNG MAN PRETENDING TO BE a statue, it means we have an adversary who is a hypocrite.

- To dream of a YOUNG MAN DRSSED AS A STATUE, it means the same as above.

- If a man dreams of the MARBLE STATUE OF A WOMAN (Marble white) and the statue has also topless, it represents a love that started out cold but soon become a solid and lasting love.

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