- To dream that we see the stars ARE FALLING, warns us negative changes, we must be prepared.

- Dreaming emerging stars of a CANDY, it means good fortune economically and in matters of love.

- To dream that we CANīT FIND ANY STAR in the sky and we see something moving in the clouds, so we began to pray or praying wake, means there is something we are worrying too much and feel that angels do not listen to us or that we canīt find them. Which advise us to be patient, as there is a struggle between good and evil (Angels are fighting against the opposing forces, to help). This dream advises us not stop praying (At least twice a day, at sunrise and sunset), to help the Angels to win the battle.

- To dream that we see a CONTELLATION OF RED STARS, warns us negative changes, we must be prepared.

- If we see the stars and notes that MOVE, it means that a major change is coming, either in our situation or our environment.

- To dream about a RED STAR, it means we are in danger of having an accident. It can also predict and religious or social conflicts.

- To dream of seeing stars in the SKY, it is a sign of good fortune, economically and spiritually.

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