The stains are related to our reputation and credibility, although its meaning may vary depending on the context of the dream.

- If we ARE YOUNG and dream stains, means fear of sexuality and its consequences.

- If we BLOOD STAINED objects represent something that hurts us, or someone who is taking advantage of us in any way; and is related to the meaning of the object.

- If we see stains (From those shown BY THE ACTION OF TIME), means that there is an event that is not current, but is stuck in the past, or that the consequences are from the past.

- If in our dream we see our HANDS BLOODSTAINED and the next moment we realize that it is BECAUSE WE KILL SEVERAL PEOPLE, means there is an issue that is causing us anxiety and we would end up with that or with certain people that continue tucking into our affairs or business; yet the dream tells us that we plan well what we're thinking of doing, because something can end badly.

- If we see an OIL STAIN on the floor of our house, but above it we see bubble wrap covering it, means that we are protected from witchcraft and envious persons, that is, meaning they failed to do us harm.

- If in our dream we see a PIGGY BANK that has a stain of cooking oil (pure stain), means economic hardship caused by someone who is manipulating or sabotaging us somehow.

- If sleep walked along an avenue or a WAY AND SEE BLOOD STAINS on the pavement, means that we expect a danger, unless we begn to be more prudent.


- If a man dreams that he brings a cat with white spots in your pocket, represents a safe girlfriend, but also tells him to be careful with sex, as it can cause many problems.

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