This sign can have several meanings depending on how you see, for example if someone spits, or someone spits something that belongs to us, means there are a person who is trying to harm us. But if we spit something that has a bad meaning tells us that we have rid of that bad which means that thing.

- If in our dream we spit AN ANIMAL OR A THING, that have a bad meaning, tells us that we get rid of that bad which means that animal or thing (So it will be very helpful to seek first the meaning of what spit).

- If you spit a BROKEN MIRROR means that we got rid of the danger it happened a misfortune, because we made a good decision.

- If in our dream spit the GROUND, means we have to much effort to achieve our goals.

- If in our dream spit at a PERSON, means bad luck.

- If you currently are doing SOME WORK (Eg Repairing our house, building something, a task, project, etc.) and our dream we see someone spit on it, means that we have not make the job look good or that you may not be reached well, and this because of someone who is ill will and this doing their best because they look good (The gender of the person we can give a clue who it is). This dream we are advised that before we follow thoroughly clean your work area and say a prayer, for example, "O True God help me that this work remains well".

- If we spit one THING THAT MEANS SOMETHING GOOD, augurs bad luck, but if you spit something that has a bad meaning, as in the case broken mirror (Above), then, has a good meaning.

- If we dream that we WALK, and suddenly we look down and we that SOMEONE SPIT THERE, means that someone will have to make every effort to achieve their ends, in this case, it may be an adversary who tries to harm us, but can not because need to do much more to accomplish.

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