Spiders represent the dark side.
They may also be related to a trap. In this case the meaning of the other things that we see in the dream can give us information of which consists, the trap.

- If you dream of A SPIDER, it means that we are careless or reckless, which would cause us to fall into deception and cheating.

- If in our dream we see spiders falling from the CEILING OF OUR HOUSE, tells us that there are people who keep us ill will and we are causing or will cause us harm.

- If we are COVERED BY COBWEBS, means that we have fallen into a trap.

- If in our dream we see that a FLY FALLS IN A WEB (Without seeing the spider), it means that we are developing a plan or project to make someone fall into a trap with serious consequences. He advises us to think things through and not get too carried revenge.

- If the dream we see a GIANT SPIDER, it means that in order to achieve what we want to stop being reckless and careless, and we can also fall into a trap. And if the giant spider has legs and claws stained with blood, tells us that if we fall into the trap can lead to pain and sorrow.

- If the dream we see MANY SPIDERS ON THE CELILING OF OUR HOUSE, it means that someone who has ill will.

- If we dream that we are in a MAZE and see a giant spider, it means that we will need skill and cunning to get out of the trap we have fallen. But if we dream that we are in a labyrinth with walls of iron and there we see a giant spider, then, it means that our inflexibility has made us fall into a trap, for example: An enemy that taking advantage of our inflexibility has made us see as stern and Inflexible, ruining our reputation (In this case the dream tells us what the trap consists of, so always pay attention to the details).

- Dreaming about a SPIDER YELLS, means danger.

- If it's a TARANTULA, tells us that we have committed an indiscretion that could lead us into a trap or a hoax.

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