A sphere represents the harmony and order.

- Dreaming of a sphere, means that we have inner harmony and we are prepared to carry out our projects, we have enough material and spiritual resources, except in the case of a sphere is made of a material having a bad meaning.

- If you dream of a TRANSPARENT CRYSTAL BALL IS BROKEN, tells us, sometimes to change or improve things, we end up with something old, that is, to create something new we have to destroy something old, for example: Change employment, end up with an old fitness, freedom from something or someone, destroy a society, and so on.

- If in our dream we see a STONE SPHERE tells us that we have the strength and inner harmony to carry out our projects.

- If in our dream we see a STYROFAM SPHERE, means that one of our knowledge is wrong (something that is not like we think), and partly due to this mistake is that we are doing needs a little spiritual harmony.

- Dreaming of a TRANSPARENT CRYSTAL SPHERE tells us that we have spiritual harmony and wisdom.

- If it's a CRYSTAL SPHERE, SIMILAR TO THAT USED BY MEDIUMS tells us that wish to receive certain news or a visit from someone, but can also relate to the future.

Show all dream meanings Crystal Ball equal to that used by mediums.

- If you dream that WRAP A CRYSTAL SPHERE with paper or with other material, it means that we still lack knowledge and spiritual harmony, to carry out a project that we have in mind.

- Dreaming with a SPHERE OF YARN tells us that we have prosperity and harmony without having to make major sacrifices. It may also mean that we are able to improve our economic situation.


Bowling ball:
This dream tells us that our success depends on our wisdom and sacrifice.

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