- To dream that the SOUP IS BURNED, it means that we still have a lot to learn.

- If we EAT SOUP, it means that we will have happiness in our family.

- To dream that there is a FLY IN SOUP, means that we will have joy and prosperity, but as long as we correct something that is wrong, or avoid doing risky and reckless things.

- If we dream that a FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER, WHO HAS ALREADY LEFT THIS WORLD, gives us a pot with menestron or some kind of very tasty soup, so that we can eat at home, it means that he (she) is already in Heaven and has become our guardian angel (As if to say that now it is his (her) turn to take care of us).

- To dream of a SOUP RIVER, it represents our family life.


Instant Soup/Maruchan Soup:
These types of soups contain many chemicals and are unhealthy, which is why they are included in what is junk food, which is why their meaning is a little different from that of a normal soup.
So if we dream of instant soup, it means that in order to have happiness in the family, we must get rid of our bad habits.

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