Somnambulism is the equivalent of an extreme nightmare, because it even makes us lose control of our body, and it can be caused by something that has made a strong impression on us, or by invocations to evil beings (Use of the ouija board or because someone is hurting us by invoking evil beings). To avoid this evil we can do the following:

- Burn a stick of incense in our room, shortly before going to sleep, ensuring that the aroma is impregnated in the bedroom.

- If in the past we had a dog that has already left this world, it is good to have a photograph of him near us, since he can take care of us in our dreams; otherwise, we can try to have a dog, and even let him sleep near the door of our room, so that when he sleeps he will accompany us in our dreams and take care of us from any evil.

- Place an amulet inside our pillow, preferably a silver four-leaf clover.

- Make two prayers to our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), it is also valid to make two prayers to Brahma, Allah, Law of Karma, Racna, etc., since they are also names of God, for example, the following prayer is very good for these cases: Oh Racna / Oh God; / You who live / in the mountain of Heaven / Be my refuge / and protection, / against all evil beings / against all adverse beings, / and allow / Quetzalcoatl / and Bastet / to come / in my favor, / Oh God / Oh Racna.


If we dream that we are sleepwalking, it means that we did not understand a certain situation for the reason that we did not pay attention to the matter, since we were distracted by something else.

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