In most cases, this sign is related to communication with those around us, with love, with what interests us, and sometimes tells us something about ourselves.

- If we dream that someone we know publishes something about AIDS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... it means that there is an issue that is worrying that person.

- If we dream that our son, nephew, little cousin or grandson, tries to use his Facebook or social network WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION even though we tell him not to do so, he may be punished, so that he does not have authorization to use his Facebook, and it means trying to insist that he can use it, but the dream advises us not to give in so easily.

- If we dream that someone we know CHECK OUR CELL PHONE (Facebook, WhatsApp, messages...), it means that this person is aware of everything we do.

- If we dream that our EX GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND) blocks us (On Facebook, WhatsApp...) and then unlocks us, it means that she (he) still has hopes of returning with us.

- If we dream that someone HACK OUR Facebook or Twitter and delete our friends, change things or decompose something, it means that we must be cautious with the information we make known to others, since someone could use it to generate a gossip or to sabotage us in some way.

- If we dream that someone we know uploads PHOTOS WITH HIS EX to Facebook, Twitter... it means that she(he) has not managed to forget her(his) ex.

- To dream that the person we like comments on a STATUS of Facebook... ours, means that she(he) is interested in what we feel or think, for example: If we are available. But if he makes a negative comment, then, it means she(he) doesn't like us.

- If a child or adolescent dreams that his Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or similar is STOLEN, it means that it is likely that soon his parents will not let him use his Twitter... because of his low grades, although it may also be due to Another cause, depending on your current situation.

- If we dream that we are reviewing our Facebook, Twitter... and then we cut our veins from our hands to SUICIDE, it means that we get depressed by the idea of that others may think about us.

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