Seeing soap in our dream means that our business will become clear soon, but if we dream that soapy water gets us in our eyes and burn us or not let us see well, then, means that there is something we are not seeing or that we must discover.

- To dream about FOAM SOAP, the dream tells us something soon be clarified, but also warns us to be cautious.

- If in the dream FOAM SOAP, GETS US IN OUR EYES AND SO WE SEE NO GOOD, BUT THEN WE CLEAN or wash the face with clean water, means that we have managed to see, understand, discover, or decrypt something. But if we dream gets foam soap in our eyes so we canít see well, but then we clean or wash with dirty water (for whatever reason) to see good, it means we have failed to see, understand, decrypt or discover something, but in addition to at the same time, we can have consequences.

- If we dream that we ARE GOING TO BATHE, and to see the soap, we will use (but without the dream reaches the moment we begin to bathe), tells us that make sure cleanliness, both personal hygiene such as around us, help us ward off bad luck.

- If we dream that SOAPY WATER falls us in our eyes and especially if it hurts, then there is something we need to know or find out, to make things right. But if we dream that a young man falling soapy water in your eyes, especially if it hurts, is one of our enemies , who need to know something about us, which advises us to act with discretion, even with friends, so that our enemies do not get to find out what happens.

- Dreaming of soap in the shape of our Divine Lady (VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE) OR AN ANGEL, means that things are clarified soon and will have some Divine help, which advises us to have a little patience.

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