It means a state of confusion that prevents us from solving the problems in which we find ourselves, it can also be a warning about hidden enemies.

- If in the dream we see very BLACK smoke, it means that we have dangerous enemies, or enemies that could easily defame us.

- If we dream of a CANDLE, that begins to smoke (black smoke comes out), it means that our opponents are very angry.

- If we see a CHIMNEY that makes a lot of smoke, it means: Financial difficulties.

- If it is CIGARRET, cigar or hookah smoke, it means the following:

  • If we dream that we are smoking, but suddenly, although we notice that the cigarette is still burning, it happens that NO SMOKE COMES OUT, it means that it is difficult for us to forget something/someone.
  • If we dream that someone is smoking in front of us and we feel that the SMOKE BOTHERS US, it represents a toxic person (A harmful person who does not benefit us at all) from whom it is better to stay away.
  • If we dream that we make SMOKE RINGS, it means that we will be able to control a tense situation.
  • If we see each other SMOKING, it means moments of forgetfulness and relaxation.

- If we see FIRE, but we notice that it does not burn well or it makes a lot of smoke, it is an indicator that we may suffer a betrayal from someone in our environment or close to us.

- If we see that a lot of smoke comes out of the HEATING, it means: Loss of control of a situation.

- If the smoke comes from INCENSE, it means: Good fortune.

- If it is WHITE smoke, it represents uncertainty.

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