This dream in most cases tells us that there will be a happy understanding between our friends or family.

- If we dream that our girlfriend (boyfriend) smiles at us LIKE CLOWN, it means that she/he loves us, although sometimes she behaves inappropriately.

- If in the dream we see a DOLL, and we notice that she smiles at us, in addition to looking like someone we know, it means that we sympathize with that known person, or that we will have a good understanding with her/him.

- If we dream that he (she) EX OF OUR EX- GIRLFRIEND (BOYFRIEND) smiles at us, it means that she (he) is happy that we have finished with our ex.

- If we dream that someone we know gives us MONEY (IN BILLS) and smiles at us, it means that he (she) is a hypocritical person who we should not trust, since it can also cause money problems.

- If a man dreams of someone he knows and notices that she can see her breasts through the NECKLINE, but she covers herself immediately although at the same time she smiles at him, it means that she likes him but will not have intimacy nor love with her, for example: Because she is married.

- If in the dream the PERSON WE LIKE smiles at us, it means that she/he also likes us.

- If in our dream we see a PROPHET OR A HEAVENLY BEING smile, it means that everything is going well in our lives.

- If SOMEONE WE KNOW smiles at us in the dream, it means that we will have a good understanding with that person, or that that person feels sympathy for us.

- To dream that we are in a classroom and the TEACHER smiles at us, it means that we are doing well, but we must continue studying and striving so that everything continues just as well.

- If we dream that an UNKNOWN CHILD smiles at us, it means that we have a dangerous enemy, who is also a hypocrite.

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