This sign in most cases is related to setbacks and difficulties.

- BEING IN A SECT indicates setbacks.

- If we dream of the BOOK OF A SECT, it means that we will have some difficulties caused by someone who joined a sect, since sometimes those people act in a hostile way towards those who do not accept their beliefs.

- If we dream that the house of someone we know has a DAYCARE, but also a sect (For example, that one floor of that house is a nursery, another is for a sect and another is where the person lives), it means that that A person wants to have children, but if he did, he would be in too much trouble.

- If we dream that we FOUND a sect, it means that we do not want to be questioned and that we are not willing to admit another point of view.

- If we see a JUNK CAR near a sect, it means that we are getting rid of a bad habit, which had been hurting us a lot.

- If in the dream we are KIDNAPPED by members of a sect, it means that we will have bad luck in our affairs, because instead of listening to valuable advice, we prefer to listen to untrustworthy people.

- To dream of the LEADER OF A SATANIC SECT means that we are leaning too much towards feelings of guilt. But if we dream that we kill him, then it means that we will be able to free ourselves from that feeling of guilt.

- If in our dream the member of a sect offers us LEAFLETS OR PROPAGANDA of his sect, but we do not accept it, it means that we have escaped a danger, thanks to the fact that we make good use of valuable advice.

- If we dream that we leave our car in the PARKING of a sect, it means that there are malicious people who are looking for a way to cause us to stagnate in life or in a certain matter.

- If in our dream the PASTOR OR MINISTER OF A SECT gives us advice, it means the opposite, for example: If he advises us to do things well (as if we were not doing them well) it means the opposite, that is, the dream tells us that we are doing well.

- Dreaming of the PROCESSION of a sect means difficulties. But if we dream that we forgot to run an errand, and then we see the procession of a sect, then, it means that if we forget to do our tasks, we will get into difficulties.

- To dream of the RITUAL OF A SECT, it means that soon we will have difficulties, unless we manage to end a bad habit that we have.

- If in our dreams someone SPRAYED US WITH BLESSED WATER (Supposedly blessed) FROM A SECT, it means that someone has been sabotaging us or is trying to do it, and if the one who sprinkles us with the supposedly holy water is someone we know We must try to be careful around that person, as he may sabotage us either on purpose or recklessly.

- Seeing a sect, WITHOUT BEING IN IT, indicates that we know how to make good use of the advice they give us.


Ku Klux Klan:
- To dream that we are part of this indicates annoyances.
- See a meeting of the Ku Klux Klan, without being in it, it indicates that we make good use of the advice they give us wise people.

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