If in the dream we see written paper, and be mindful what he said, it means we have a concern about what is written. But if we do not remember exactly what he said, then simply it means we have many concerns.

- To dream that we wrote a BOOK, tells us that we need to express ourselves, and if we remember the theme of the book, then, means that we must express something that relates to the theme of the book or the meaning of that word, in which case we look up its meaning in this dictionary.

- If we dream of writing DIFFERENT TO THAT WE KNOW, for example, Chinese writing (As long as we have not born in China), tells us that we have a concern that relates to the distrust that cause us some people, or by something we have failed to understand well. It may also mean that we are concerned about a dangerous enemy.

- If we dream FINE PRINT, this is a warning, telling us that we must be careful what we sign and if there is something we do not understand well, better than us, do not we sign, even though some people get upset with us for it. It may also mean that we are concerned about something that we signed recently.

- If the written words (Either on paper or elsewhere) are INCOMPLETE, for example: env, then, it is related to the entire word, in this case means that someone has envy us; if such were: Happine (Happiness), means that soon we will have happiness.

- If we see MISSPELLED WORDS, for example, if we wrote "USSE IT" instead of "use it", the message is related to the word that is to say, in this case it means that we use something we know we It can be useful.

- If we dream letters or signs do not make sense, but among them we see a MONEY SIGN ($ SF), it means that we must study and prepare more to meet future changes and so do not get to have money problems or because we do not understand something.

- If we dream letters or SIGNS DO NOT MAKE SENSE, or do not understand, it means there is something we have not understood.

- To dream that we write SOMETHING, it means that we will have good news to relate to what we wrote in our dream.

- If we just see a lot written paper WITHOUT SEEING PRECISELY WHAT IT SAYS, it means that we have many concerns.

- If in our dream we see WRITTEN WORDS (Anywhere except in paper) and distinguish what it say, we should seek the meaning of that word, such as if it were the words: Listen, then it means that we take into account the advice that we receive.

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