The scorpions are associated to the dark side. It can also symbolize the betrayal.

- See a scorpion in our BED means infidelity.

- If we see a scorpion between our CLOTHES, means that a close person want to betray us.

- If we dream to see a scorpion and that we CUT THE TAIL, represents the ability to control the situation and prevent betray us.

- If we manage to ESCAPE to a scorpion, means that we got rid of a betrayal.

- If we dream that scorpion FLIES AWAY, means the same as above, this is, that we got rid of a betrayal.

- If we KILL IT, or see it dead, mean time discover a betrayal.

- If we see a scorpion in a KITCHEN, means that someone is planning to betray us, but if we kill it, then it means that we have in our power to avoid it.

- If we dream that a scorpion pulls our PHONE, we are told to be careful with the way we communicate, for example: Avoid spreading gossip or be careful what we say, it can mean that we should not believe everything you tell us.

- If we dream to SEE A SCORPION, warns of a possible danger, and is a warning to not be careless or reckless.

- If STING us augured disease.

- If in our dream we see TWO SCORPIONS, tells us to defend our interests to avoid the betrayal of a hidden enemy.

- See a scorpion in our WORK, means a betrayal there.


This dream shows that in real life we are building up resentment, and fear against others.
- When we see our home invaded by insects reveals our fear of lawsuits and complaints of the others.
- If we are attacked, the dream tells us we should not underestimate people we thought were inferior.
- If insects are becoming gigantic and we round up are leaders feared and despised at the same time.
- If we realize the inconvenience of insects but no feelings of rejection, or revulsion or concerns reflect small losses that accompany a task that has been tedious.

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