This dream tells us that problems are approaching with our emotional relationships.

- If we dream that someone ACCUSES US OF SOMETHING THAT WE DID NOT DO and then scold us, it means that we have a difficulty that is related to our emotional or friendship relationships, but it is because of something we have not understood, for example: That a relative/friend has been upset with us and we do not understand the reason well. In this case it is probably because the other person is being too selfish, however this dream advises us not to get too angry and try to fix things.

- If a child dreams that his DAD is being strict or scolds him, the dream tells him that he should not disobey his parents so much, it can also mean that he feels guilty about something.

- If we dream that we are facing the END OF THE WORLD and that we begin to scold our little son, it means that although we are going through a difficult situation, we should not allow that to affect our son, or that we should avoid venting our negative emotions with our son.

- To dream that a POLICE OFFICER scolds us means that we feel guilty about something.

- If we dream that a SOLDIER scolds us, it means that we are breaking a duty.

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