Dreaming with scissors, most of the time has a meaning that relates to bad gossip or hearsay.
In some cases they can mean the destruction or creation, birth or death.

- If in the dream we see a BASKET AND WITHIN THAT SCISSORS means difficulties caused by gossip and slander.

- If we BREAK SCISSORS it means that we get rid of a gossip or slander.

- If we see someone we know CUT PAPERP with scissors, means that person is trying to invent gossip or slander about us, to try and overcome a problem. In this case is likely to see things from the past or the future, they can give us more details on the matter.

- If we see paper with some writing and then CUT WITH A SCISSORS, means we have a problem with what is written in them, and we want to investigate inventing gossip or slander.

- If you FALL scissors, it means that death can occur within the family.

- Dreaming about GARDENER-SCISSORS, presages, gossip or hearsay of a person who is nice to people, which makes it even more dangerous.

- If you find yourself with scissors IN HAND means slander and gossip that can lead to a lawsuit.

- If we dream we cut NOSE WITH SCISSORS means that we no longer lying, or is likely to soon get into difficulties because of our lies or slander.

- If you see a pair of OLD SCISSORS augurs slander and gossip.

- If we dream we cut PAPERS OF MANY COLORS WITH SCISSORS means that we are trying to invent a gossip or a lie to get out of a problem.

- If we dream that use scissors and noticed that are very SHARP, tells us that we have the ability to invent lies or gossip.

- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE KNOW USE SCISSORS, meaning applies to that person in this case we see the other meanings.

- If we dream of a closed scissors, with the tip down and hung on the WALL, because we portends trouble caused by gossip.

- If we dream that use scissors WITH NO EDGE, tells us that we know lie.

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