This dream tells us that we can be worried about our health or that we will be worried for that reason.

- If we dream that we ARE INFECTED with that skin disease, it means that there is a risk that we will get sick due to lack of hygiene, for example: By consuming food in unhygienic places or due to lack of personal hygiene.

- If in our dream we change our clothes but later we realize that those CLOTHES were infected and that is why we got it with scabies, it means that we have had some difficulties and that those difficulties were for the most part, caused by someone who is envious of us and ill will.

- A DOG WITH SCABIES represents a friend whom we can no longer bear or someone whom we no longer love near us.

- FLEEING FROM A DOG WITH SCABIES means that we are trying to get away or distance ourselves from an uncomfortable courtship or friend.

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