- To dream that WE SAVE OUR BROTHER OR SISTER, tells us that we are able to save a difficulty relates to the meaning of the other things we see in our dream.

- If we dream that a CAT saves us from danger, it means that if we pay more attention to what is happening around us we can save ourselves from danger.

- If we dream that someone to we know DIES TRYING TO SAVE OUR LIVES means we are very special to that person, who would even be willing to help in whatever no matter what.

- If SOMEONE SAVES US means we can benefit from the help of someone whose advice can be valuable.

- If in our dream SOMEONE WE KNOW, SAVE US of a danger it means we can count on that person and that he(she) can help us to solve a difficult problem.

- To dream that WE SAVED SOMEONE it means we are well prepared to save the situation.

- If we dream that WE SAVED AN UNCLE(AUNT) OR TO A NEPHEW(NIECE) of a danger, tells us that we will not have any unpleasant surprises and achieve success in our projects.

- If we dream that we saved AN UNCLE(AUNT) OR NEPHEW(NICE) USING OUR SUPER POWERS, means that we will succeed and a higher spiritual level , and the best thing is we will not have any unpleasant surprises or risks along the way. And the same means, if we dream that we have the power to turn back time, and thus saved our uncle(aunt) or nephew(nice) to a danger, but in this case also tells us that we must not forget our experiences past, so, they do not act in a reckless or overconfident, so that way we ensure the success we desire.

- To dream that we TRY TO SAVE A BROTHER(SISTER) TO WAVE SEA, tells us that we must learn to control our emotions to achieve save or control the situation. And if we are saved, then it means that we have learned to control our emotions, which will bring us good luck.

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