- If in our dream we see a DEAD ANIMAL revive, it means that although our situation is difficult, we still have a good chance of avoiding failure, and the meaning of the animal, can give us more details.

- To dream of a dead DOVE, it means that our marriage plans will be frustrated, but if we see it revived, it means that we still have a chance of preventing our plans from being frustrated.

- If we dream that we revive A FRIEND/FAMILY, who has already left this world; It means we miss him and wish he were still alive.

- To dream that we fight against someone and that WE KILL HIM, BUT THEN REVIVE, it represents an enemy that we apparently had defeated, but in reality he still has a chance to get up and defeat us.

- If we dream that we fight against someone, we kill him, he is revived, but then WE WILL KILL HIM AGAIN AND NO LONGER LIVE, it means that we have a very persistent enemy who, even though it seemed we had defeated him, got back up, but soon we will have the possibility of beat it definitely.

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