- If in our dream SOMEBODY STEAL SOMETHING, AND THEN IT WILL RETURN means a danger that has disappeared.

- But if the dream SOMEBODY STEAL MONEY BILLS, AND THEN WHAT WE RETURN means money troubles (Who gets the bills, is left with poverty).

- If in the dream just someone tells us that "WE WILL RETURN OUR MONEY "means economic hardship (For example: A job that does not we get, a business that we can not perform...)

- If in our daily living we have a case pending in a place and in our dream we are there, then go BACK AND RETURN TO THE SAME SITE: advises us that we must go there to check that everything is in order.

- If we have a nightmare where something bad happens but then BACK ON TIME, to the time to start, means that the future depends on what we do now and the meaning of the other things we see in the dream can give us more details.

- If you dream that saved a guy or a nephew USING OUR POWER TO TURN BACK TIME, tells us that we will succeed and a level highest spiritual, and best, is that we will not have unpleasant surprises and risks along the way, but also tells us not forget the all our past experiences, so, that we do not act in a overconfident or reckless, that thereby we ensure the success want.

- If you constantly dream that came back with OUR EX-GIRLFRIEND (Or ex-boyfriend, if it is the dream of a woman), means we want to return to our ex.

- If in our dream, someone SAYS: “TRY AGAIN” means there is something we have not done well enough, or something that we have failed to do, so that, the dream we simply suggest that back to try, until well or achieve what we want.

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