Wedges shows dissatisfaction due to emotional or professional.

- If we dream that we want to eat in a restaurant and when we arrive at one, we realize that everything is very DIRTY, so we go to another restaurant, where everything is very clean and the food is excellent, it means that there is always a way of doing things right.

- If we dream that we are in a restaurant with our GIRLFRIEND (BOYFRIEND) at a table for two, it means we have a good affinity with her(him). And the same means if it is with someone we like.

- If we eat simple and NATURAL FOODS means we are making the most of life's experiences.

- If we dream that we eat something we do NOT LIKE it presumes that we must face something unpleasant. Also the meaning is the same if we have difficulty chewing or swallowing.

- If the dream informs us of the PRICE OR STEAL A CANDY reveals an excess of sentimentality.

- If we eat SWEETS means we welcome and positive emotional experiences.

- Dining TOGETHER reveals friendship and affinity with others. But if we eat alone, then it means sadness and depression.

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